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Word Search

                                                                                     Are you able to find
                                                                                     all the words that
                                                                                     describe Veruca Salt?

                                                                                         Ezanne Zhou Yu’En

                                                                                             P3 Reflector

                                                                      Diorama: The

                                                                   Chocolate River

                                                                The diorama scene shows the chocolate river. It is our
                                                                favourite scene because we love to eat chocolate and
                                                                we can just imagine an amazing river filled with not
                                                                water, but CHOCOLATE flowing through the factory.
                                                                Yum!!! Augustus Gloop, a chubby boy, could not stop
                                                                himself from running to the chocolate river and drinking
                                                                the chocolate. Unfortunately, he did not heed his
                                                                mother’s warning and slipped into the chocolate river.
                                                                What made matters worse was that he was sucked up
                                                                by the tube bringing the chocolate to the other parts
                                                                of the factory and…. he got stuck in it! What a
                                                                dreadful experience it must have been!

                             Eralia Angel Douglas, Nathaniel Chen,
                                  Moon Yu Cheng, Allycia Lee
                                         P3 Inventor
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