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My Reading Adventure

                       My Favourite Book

            My favourite storybook is ‘Shipwreck on the Pirate Islands’. The author of
        this book is Geronimo Stilton. I like this book because it is very interesting and
        the pictures are colourful.

                                                      The   main   characters
                                                  in this book are Geronimo
                                                  Stilton,  Thea,  Trap,  Benjamin
                                                  and Bouncer. In this book,
                                                  the Stilton family went on a
                                                  mini vacation. However, their
                                                  plane crashed into the sea
                                                  because  of  a  tornado.  They
                                                  swam to the island called
                                                  Thump Flop Island. When they
                                                  explored the island, they saw
                                                  a gigantic crab, a ghost and
                                                  pearls inside oysters. At last,
                                                  they found a ship that sailed
                                                  them back home.

                                                      I will recommend this
                                                  book to my friends because it
                                                  is a really fun book to read.

                          Written By:
                          Yip Ying Fei Felice
                          P1 Inquirer

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