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P. 11

My Reading Adventure

                       Why I Like to Read

             I think reading is important because I can learn how to spell new words,
         names and to practise my punctuation rules - CHIPS (Calendar words, Holidays,
         I by itself, Names of people, pets or places and at the Start of a sentence

             I will also learn Math with
         the Math books that I read. I like
         to read the Dogman books that
         I had bought last year. I love
         reading  these  books  because
         of the characters in the books.
         The two cats and the dog have
         many fun adventures and I love
         imagining myself going on the
         adventures with them.

             I make it a point to read a
         book daily so that I can learn
         something new.

                            Written By:
                            Zhong Zichen
                            P1 Reflector

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