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My Reading Adventure

                       My Favourite Book

             I like to read books.
         Whenever I am bored, I will
         pick up a book to read. My
         parents  often  take  me  to  the
         National Library to borrow my
         favourite books.
             One of my favourite books
         is ‘A New Reindeer Friend’. The
         author of this book is Jessica
         Julius and the illustrator is
         Disney Storybook Art Team. I
         like this book because it tells
         a story about Anna, Elsa and
         Olaf from the movie ‘Frozen’.
         This story describes how the
         two sisters and Olaf saved a
         baby reindeer that was trapped on a ledge. Even though Elsa tried to use her
         magical powers, she was unable to rescue the reindeer. Then, Anna found a
         way to rescue the young reindeer. She used the snowshoes and a rope to pull
         the reindeer from the ledge.

             I enjoy reading the story very much. I like it because the sisters were able
         to save the reindeer in the end. I also like the two sisters’ intelligence. I would
         like to recommend this book to my friends as it contains many interesting and
         exciting adventures. I am sure my friends will like it very much too.

 Primary 1                 Written By:

                           Avighna Ragulan
                           P1 Thinker

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