Page 13 - Horizon EL Publication 2023
P. 13

Letter t0 Mr Roald Dahl

                                                                            Ng Yu Xuan
                                                                            P3 Innovator

                                                                      Adjectives to
                                                                      describe the interior
                                                                      of Charlie’s home

                                                                      Old, small

                                                                       and hot

         Charlie’s Home

                                                                     Reflection                  Dong Yifan, Evan
                                                                                                   P3 Inquirer
                                                                     Describe your room/home
                                                                     that you live in now.
                                                                     My room is big, neat and comfortable

                                                                     How do you feel if your home
                                                                     is like Charlie’s?

                                                                     I will feel very squeezy and unhappy.
                                                                     If Charlie is your friend,
                                                                     what can you do to help
                                                                     him have a more comforable
                                                                     living enviroment?

                                                                     I will help to call a repair team
                                                                     to help Charlie repair his home.

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