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Editor’s Note

                                What if he turned his back, now, and disappeared
                            mysteriously? What if he went away — ever so far away,
                            into unknown countries beyond the seas — and never
                            came back anymore! (The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)

            If you are one of those who has the same thoughts that Tom Sawyer
        had, welcome to our journey of adventure, discovery and dreams in our fifth
        edition of the English Language publications!

            Have you ever wondered why people partake in death-defying stunts?
        ‘Why such madness?’ some of you may wonder. ‘Wow! I wish I could be like
        them!’ some of you may even desire. Even if you are unable to do some of the
        activities that may be scary, ridiculous or simply impossible, who can deny
        you the joy of experiencing these when you read about them?

            The students who had contributed to this publication have not only let
        their creative juices flow, but also have shown us their thirst for adventure. This
        edition is also special as for the first time, we have combined students’ work
        for our ReadLit programme with our yearly publication. Students have explored
        their love for reading and exhibited their adventurous spirit in this publication.

            Reading itself is an adventure where you foray into the world of the
        unknown. Let us wade our way into the Primary One students’ exploratory
        reading experience, tumble and fall into the family adventures of the Primary
        Two students and stifle our excitement as we discover the various adventures,
        real and imaginary, from our Primary Three to Six students’ writing.

            Our students’ interpretations of the literature books that they have read
        have culminated into the many pieces of work, from designing book covers
        to rewriting scenes in the stories. Do sit back, relax and enjoy this book! I hope
        this publication offers you the rollercoaster ride that it did for me when I read
        it. Get ready to run through the pages and seek your own adventure! Ready,
        get set, go!

        Mrs Kalpana Kumar
        Lead Teacher
        English Department
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