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        Dear Readers,

            Have you ever been on an unforgettable adventure?  An adventure can
        be an unusual, exciting and/or daring experience that you may not experience
        often. It requires courage to try something new, and not to succumb to
        challenges  and  the  unknown.    The    fifth  edition  of  our  English  Language
        publication revolves around the theme, Adventure. This edition brings us on
        an unforgettable and fun-filled journey as we explore the theme of adventure
        through the showcasing of students’ work from both our in-house literature
        and writing programmes.

            We have our Primary 1 students sharing the different genres of books they
        have explored or are about to explore in the coming years. Some of them even
        included pictures and/or drawings that illustrate their adventure that they are
        about to embark on!  The Primary 2 students shared adventures experienced
        as a family unit.  The past two years during the pandemic had indeed brought
        forth many unusual experiences to many families.  How did they overcome
        challenges and continue to stay close as a family?  The Primary 3 to 6 students
        chose to share their learning journeys and extend their imaginations to explore
        a wide variety of perspectives, dreams and illusions. How nice would it be to
        be Charlie for a day in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory; to take Mowgli out of
        the jungle; and to experience what Dawan had to go through to fight for her
        place in that school in the city.  Explore the twists our students had written as
        alternate endings to the stories that they have read.
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